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Here's what our customers have to say...

Berry Family

The team at GoMac Custom Builders helped make our dream of building a home a reality.  My husband and I were eager to start our first build process and excited to partner with GoMac.  When looking for a builder, we wanted a team that would offer honest guidance, experience, flexibility and a quality product, while still allowing us to participate in the process.  


The GoMac team was exceptional throughout our 7 month build process, going above and beyond for us. We were very satisfied with the build process and happy with the results.  We could not be more excited to share our beautiful new home with family and friends.


If you are ready to build your dream home we recommend GoMac Custom Builders.

The Berry Family

Nelson Jackson

The major selling point for our selecting GoMac is that they are honest, ethical and respected in the community. Every reference we spoke to was very complimentary of GoMac and the honest way they do business. They often referred to our home as their house and I think they really think about it that way.


They think of things we would never have thought of and was a valuable and trusted partner the whole way. They also look for ways to improve things and also added many extras to make our home more energy efficient and structurally sound. We liked the GoMac standard flooring, cabinets, countertops, etc. We were able to get a nice home without the added expense for lots of upgrades.

Nelson Jackson

The Bradys

Building a home can be a stressful, exhausting endeavor. But with GoMac it was so easy and even enjoyable. GoMac knows all the ins and outs, so that nothing is hung up waiting for the other guy. Their willingness to go above and beyond is boundless.


Every step of the way, I was informed of what to expect, what came next and when things would happen. It appears that their mode of operation is “Whatever the customer wants, that’s what they get.”


Very good experience.

The Bradys

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